Is outbound marketing outdated? Or is inbound marketing a pie in the sky pipe dream?


Hi, I'm John of Crosshatch Creative, and this is Be Bold Be Smart, all about inbound marketing for consulting firms. Now, since I said this is all about inbound marketing you might think that I'm gonna say that outbound, is in fact, outdated. But actually, the studies show that high growth consulting firms utilize a combination of inbound and outbound. So today we're gonna talk about how you actually do that in practice.

Where's the hand off from inbound to outbound?

Inbound marketing really is great as that first touch, where you're generating awareness and you're also generating interest in your specific company and services, until they convert into a lead by filling out a form, or making a download on your website, or something like that. If you're trying to do this one-on-one at scale with a lot of people, that's just gonna be way too time intensive. And it's the same thing for ads if you're paying for ads to get in front of all these people, then that's gonna be really expensive also. So, that's where we go back to inbound and see that organic reach to lots and lots of people relative to what a one-on-one person can do is really the best way to go here.

Lead Scoring

So once you have a conversion that's where the question comes in. You have their information you could potentially reach out, but is it the right point to do that? Well, that's where a good lead scoring system will come in. Lead scoring can surface those leads that are interested and ready and a good fit while downplaying the leads that are either not interested, or not a good fit. And your sales people can focus on the leads that are a good fit and interested so that there, even though that's still a high cost activity, doing one-on-one conversations or outreach, it's going to also be a high return activity because you're focusing on those people that are ready. So that's where outbound is great.

Focus on Your Promising Leads

Once you've gotten people interested with inbound, you definitely want to take the time to reach out to not all, but certain contacts that are leadless to draw them forward and make that conversion. Now, inbound comes back into play, also. So, when you're doing outbound outreach you're going to find that your lead scoring system is not perfect, it never will be. But you will find that some people are just not ready yet. Maybe they're still a good fit. That's where you put 'em back into inbound and start the process over again. Keep them nurtured, keep sending them valuable content, and then eventually, they may surface again for your outbound one-on-one sales outreach.

Inbound & Outbound: Best Together

And that's how inbound and outbound really work very well together to focus on activities that are gonna generate revenue and downplay those that are really gonna be probably a waste of time.

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