If your business is like most professional services firms, you probably grew really quickly at first based on the excellent work that you did and getting referrals from those clients. But you're realizing now that those referrals aren't going to continue the growth that you want and you need a scalable and reliable marketing system for that. And you're probably having trouble making things stick if you're going out on your own to accomplish that. And there are a couple key reasons for that.



Hi, I'm John Durso, President of Crosshatch Creative and this is Be Bold, Be Smart, all about inbound marketing for consulting firms.

So as I mentioned, there are a few reasons that when we see a consulting firm or professional services firm, go from referrals to setting up a marketing system that they flounder at first. But all of them really stem from one foundational issue, and that is mindset, right? So relying on referrals allows you to actually get away with a lot of things in your business that you wouldn't otherwise and that you can't get away with if you're trying to set up a reliable marketing funnel and a marketing system. So I'm going to give you two examples of what you're probably getting away with if you're just relying on referrals that won't fly if you're setting up a marketing system.

The first is crystal-clear messaging. Being able to articulate what you do, why you do it and how you do it differently than your competition is absolutely critical for any marketing program and you can get away with this with referrals, because you have your clients doing that for you. Of course the downfall here is that your message is in your clients hands, they've just had one experience with you and so they're probably not delivering the message the way you want it and it's certainly not scalable to deliver, to have your clients only delivering their message for you. So when you're going and setting up a marketing program you want to make sure that you nail your messaging before you do anything else.

The second thing that referrals allow you to get away with is not doing really anything about promotion of your business because the referrals are doing it for you, your clients are doing it for you. So when you go from referrals to trying to set up a marketing system, what we see happen is clients will create content, they'll create say a great blog post and then it will just sit on their site. Well, if no one's coming to your site already, it doesn't really matter how much great content is on there. And so you need to promote that content and I'm not just talking about sharing it on social media, of course sharing on social is important, but you want to do more than that to get it into the right hands. And I won't go too far into what exactly to do, I'll actually do that in a later video, but just know if all you're doing is publishing on your page and sharing to social media once, then you're really lacking there and that's probably one of the reasons that your marketing's not sticking.

So if you're just starting a marketing program, or even if you're already running a marketing program have people that are unfamiliar with your services maybe familiar with the industry, have them check out your site and see if they can tell what you do, who you do it for, and why you do it differently and what is your unique value proposition. If they can do that, great, if they can't, you know where you need to improve.

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