You’ve been trying inbound marketing, but just can’t seem to gain any traction. It’s frustrating, not to mention expensive, and unfortunately all too common with consulting firms.

Fortunately, it’s usually easy to narrow down the culprit to one or more of these three problem areas.


This is the first place to look. All aspects of your marketing - and sales, in fact - should be built on your messaging. If you don’t have your messaging down, you're building your house on sand. You have no foundation.

This is a weak point we see a lot. Many firms think they have clear messaging because they can describe what they do, but they have no real reason a client would go with them over a competitor.

As a quick check, look at your website and other marketing collateral and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do we have a compelling vision of what we achieve for our clients (not just a description of services)?
  • Is it clear what makes us different/better than our competition?
  • Is our vision and differentiation relevant and engaging to our target audience?

If you’re not clear on these things, your prospects won’t be either. Put the necessary effort into a solid messaging foundation.


One of the big truths in marketing is that perception is reality. Online, design determines perception, so if you’re marketing isn’t paying you back, it may be that your website design is painting a poor picture of your firm.

Would you trust someone you just met in tattered, dated clothes? Then don’t expect your prospects to!

I’m not here to tell you need to get super fancy with your website - we don’t recommend that. Here’s our guideline, which works quite well:

The quality of your website design must match the quality of client you hope to work with.

Be honest in your assessment, it could be the difference needed.


Many professional services firms have rock solid messaging and design and still see limited lead generation online. In these cases we find that they have a bade case of sporadic marketing - a couple blog posts here, a social media announcement there, a newsletter that goes out 3 times a year...maybe.

Online marketing thrives on momentum. Building a following, staying top of mind, and providing real value through your content all require consistent output and connection.

If you’re having problems keeping a content calendar and putting out quality work on schedule, consider outsourcing this piece. The cost is generally balanced by increased productivity of the internal team, and of course the real benefit is actually generating new business.

The Common Thread

All of the issues above tend to rise from the same source: a DIY mentality. DIY is great for getting started, but when you really want to create a growth engine it’s important to bring in dedicated expert resources.

If you need help, get in touch for a free consultation, and we'll work with you to create a growth blueprint for your firm.


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