Should you market everything that you're selling?






Hi, I'm John Durso, president of Crosshatch Creative. This is Be Bold, Be Smart. All about inbound marketing for consulting firms.

Short answer is no. If your marketing's done right, then what you're putting out there is addressing the pain point of your clients or your target audience. And you want to present the services that actually directly address that pain point.

Core Services

What we find is that clients usually have about three different tiers of service even though they might not recognize it. The first tier are what I just mentioned. These are the services that actually directly address the pain points of the client. And these are what you want to market, right? These should be front-facing, front and center, what you put out into the world. This is what matters to your clients and what's going to bring in business.

Auxiliary Services

Now, I'll go onto the second tier, and these are services that are kind of auxiliary or additional services that are important or maybe support your main services, but they're really not what clients are looking for. They don't address the need directly. So, you may have these on your website if you're doing some SEO around them or you want some more content, but you're not really putting these front and center.

Aspirational Services

The third tier are what we call aspirational services. And these really shouldn't show up anywhere. Sure, you can offer them once you're actually in a sales conversation and you feel confident about your ability to actually deliver these, but don't put them out in your marketing yet if you're not ready to deliver on them or you don't have case studies on them, things like that.

So go and look at your marketing and look at the services that you offer and match them up. Put them into buckets and make sure that you're only marketing services that are directly addressing your client's pain point.

And if you're having trouble with the pain points or matching this up, feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email. I'm happy to talk about it. And, either way, subscribe and like here so you can get more information on how to become a better marketer for your business. Thanks.