What's the difference between a prospect knowing about your business and actually knowing your business? Well, it's all the difference in the world.






Hi, I'm John Durso, president of Crosshatch Creative, and this is Be Bold, Be Smart, all about inbound marketing for consulting firms.

Knowing about your business is just knowing a list of facts about your business. They know that you exist, your prospect may know what services you offer, who you offer them for, how long you've been in business; even maybe they know some of the past results that you've gotten for other clients.

But all this still amounts to just some facts about your business. It's distinct from knowing your business in the way that you might know a place or a good friend. And that's really what's gonna make the difference and have a prospect actually reach out and want to work with you, versus knowing facts and being still lumped in the same pool as everybody else.

So how do you get a prospect to know your business and not just know about your business?

Choose the Right Media

Well, first, you want to choose the right media. Different types of media allow different amounts of you to come across to the consumer. So on one end, you have the telegraph, where only the information comes across, and nothing of the personality or anything like that gets translated through. And then, on the other end of the spectrum, you might have virtual reality, where there's a whole world created that they live inside, and can experience everything that you have to offer there. But in between, we have all these other, more realistic options, like blog posts, podcasts, videos, things like that.

So you want to choose the media that has you come across. So we recommend podcasts and video, because that's where someone's getting a sense of your mannerisms, your cadence, what you actually look like, in the case of video, and that's what's gonna have them actually know you, much more so than reading a blog post or looking at infographics, for example.

Be Geniuine

Now, number two, and this is actually even more important than number one: be real and open. If you're not real and open when you're trying to have someone get to know you, it's not gonna work - you're defeating the purpose. So really, if you're not willing to do that, don't even try, because it'll be a waste of time. If you do do that, you will see results from people who actually feel like they know you before they even talk to you.

So my challenge to you right now is to sit down in front of a camera, in front of a microphone, even in front of a blank page, and be real, be open and genuine, and get yourself down on whatever media you've chosen, and put that out there.

If you need help with that or other marketing initiatives, reach out, shoot me an email, gimme a call, and we'll talk through what your needs are. And in the meantime, hit subscribe and follow around here, and we'll see you next week.