While web design and development becomes a larger part of everyday discussion in business and a more vital part of cross-functional work, there are times when marketers and developers aren’t in the same room, which can cause a website to become stale. While marketers rely on designers and developers to create the look, structure and usability of a website, there is no reason why a marketer can’t improve their website on their own.

Create New Content

As a marketer, you have ideas and you know how to tell a good story, which means you are primed and ready to develop new content. Blog posts, slideshows and PDFs are terrific ways to increase the value of your site to viewers. These avenues also allow you to spread your company’s influence across multiple channels and bring that traffic back to what you are selling.

You never need a designer or developer to write a great blog post, put together an informative white paper or create a short video. This of course assuming you have a good content management system. If you don’t, you definitely will need some help (let us know if you do). Content is king, remember that!

Refine Your Message

Businesses evolve, rapidly, which means the messages you were communicating 4-6 months ago are stale. The tag line on your homepage or the copy under your most popular product needs editing. That’s where you come in. As a marketer, you know what connects and how to speak to your customers.

Take 20-30 minutes and refine different parts of your site. Take the text, think through how you can improve, then make those changes. Not only does this keep your content fresh and relevant, but it also helps your website from a SEO perspective. Updates to a site look good! But remember, always test what you post. It’s pointless to make changes that don’t work and make sure to keep detailed notes on what you change. Your website is a living thing, which means you want to keep it healthy.

Understand Your Website and Adjust

If you’re a marketer, you live in a world of data, analysis and refinement. You want to know how well your marketing is working. Assuming you have insight into your website’s analytics, it’s worth the deep dive to understand how your website is working, what’s resonating and where fixes or adjustments might be needed.

For example, lets say you’re a relatively new company, which means consumers are constantly learning who you are. Despite this, your About page has relatively low readership and time spent on the page has decreased over the past month. It’s time for a change! Maybe you try to insert a more recent image or a good infographic or video to liven up the page. Perhaps you edit down the copy to tell your story better. Whatever the case, you make the adjustment, without a designer or developer by your side.

To make changes on your website can feel a little overwhelming at first. You don’t want to break anything, we get that, but there are many ways you can give your site a fresh look that gets results. New content, clearer messages and tactical adjustments are three easy ways to add value to your website on your own.

What are you doing to improve your website? How have you changed your site to work better? We’d love to know!