Yes, we're still sort of waking up from the hollidaze. It's time to get down to business, and see what's in store for 2013. For Crosshatch, for web design, and for the world. A few of these go against the grain of other experts out there, and even though predicting trends isn't one of our specialties, we're pretty good at it. Here they are:

  1. Responsive design will be even more popular. Not just because more people are using mobile devices, but with the release of the iPad mini, smaller Nexus tablets, and enormous smartphones, there are more and less-standard screen sizes to which sites will need to adapt. Just having a mobile site won't cut it anymore - your site needs to be far more flexible.
  2. Vertical scrolling homepages will go up. That is to say, you will see more vertically scrolling pages (you will still have to scroll DOWN to see more content). This type of layout is easy to make responsive, allows more information to be presented clearly, and let's face it - there is no fold.
  3. Minimalist designs will continue. This trend is a response to all the gradients and bubble buttons of web 2.0, and we like it. The design makes way for content, which is great for the user.
  4. Parallax scrolling will decline. That's right, we said it. Parallax, when done right, looks pretty sweet, but has little in the way of improving content presentation or functionality. While people will still ask for it for the wow factor, it doesn't have the benefits of vertical scrolling to keep up coming back.
  5. Something incredible will happen! We're going to play it safe and stay general with this one. Really, we're just excited about what the next year will bring. If for you that's a new website, let us know!

Ok, we're going to stop our predictions at web design and leave the worldwide stuff to others. Good luck in the new year!