How do you get started when you're looking to build out your company's marketing funnel?




Hi, I'm John Durso, President of Crosshatch Creative and this is Be Bold, Be Smart, all about inbound marketing for consulting firms. Now, a lot of companies realize the benefit of doing full funnel marketing from awareness to interest to consideration to purchase but they don't know where to start. And that's understandable. There's a lot of content to be produced and pieces to kind of plug in together. So today we're going to go over what you need to set up a bare bones marketing funnel.

A Stand-out Website

First, look at your foundation. Do you have a website, that looks great? Do you have one that differentiates you from the competition? That has the information that you need on it? That's fast and usable? If you're answering no to any of these, then hit pause, bookmark this page, and go make sure that you have that. Once you do, come back, start watching. Okay, now that you're back, let's get into setting up the marketing funnel.

Create Your Offers

First thing you want to do is create two offers.

Top of the Funnel, Gated Offer

One is the top of the funnel offer that can be gated. That means you ask for information from the visitor in order to deliver it. So that can be an ebook download where you ask for name and email before delivering it.

Bottom of the Funnel, Contact Offer

And then the other offer, is a bottom of the funnel offer. And that's one that puts you in touch with the prospect so that could be a free consultation or a demo or something like that.

These are going to bookend your marketing funnel. People are going to enter through that top of the funnel offer to become leads and then they're going to exit from that bottom of the funnel offer to actually get in touch and hopefully convert to a client.

Implement a Lead Nurturing Tool

All right, now once you have these two offers, you want to make sure that you have a tool to nurture them in between the top and bottom of the funnels. So what tool you use really just depends on the kind of lists that you have. If you have one already, if you don't and how many different segments of your audience you have. But basically you want an email tool on the low end if you have small list and you don't really have a lot of different segments. Or on the high end, you want a marketing automation tool like Hubspot or Marketo.

Produce Nurturing Content

Once you have that tool in place, you want to produce educational content consistently. This serves three purposes:

Number one, it's going to help nurture your current leads that have already subscribed in some way.

Number two, it's gonna help attract new visitors to your website which will put new leads into your funnel.

And number three, it's going to help with SEO because we're producing content on a regular basis. If you are doing some SEO research and keyword work around that content.

Either way, the first two are really what we're focusing on here because we're focusing on that marketing funnel and driving people through that. So through this content we produce new visitors. New visitors become subscribers. Subscribers are nurtured to become prospects. Prospects of course become clients.

That's Really It! Here's Why...

So this is really your bare bones funnel. You have your top of the funnel offer. You have your bottom of the funnel. You have a way to nurture your leads. And yes, there are absolutely a lot of other things that you can do to help convert your initial leads and nurture them into actual prospects.

Why not start with more?

I recommend, starting with the bare bones first and then fleshing that out as you see needed, as you get feedback on the content you're producing and the offers that you're putting out there. So that you know that what you're adding to it is actually benefiting the funnel. If you start with a full robust funnel with a lot of stages in between, then, you're likely producing a lot of content that's just not going to be that useful and you'll end up killing a lot of it because you built it out of guess work not out of running the campaign and seeing what is actually needed to move people along.

If you need help with any of this, give us a shout. We love talking about marketing automation. Full funnel marketing. Web design, all of that.

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