How do you use your marketing to establish trust? 




Hi, I'm John Durso, President of Crosshatch Creative, and this is Be Bold, Be Smart, all about inbound marketing for consulting firms.

Building trust isn't all about case studies and testimonials though, of course, those do help. What I wanna go over today are the four dimensions that go into trust and how you can address your prospects' concerns in each one of those dimensions in your marketing.

The first factor here is credibility. Does a prospect trust what you say? And really, one of the best ways to address this is with design, your website design, and the design of any marketing materials that you put out. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, when it comes to design, and websites, and marketing, perception is reality, so if you're not presenting a professional, credible image, then you're not going to be seen as credible, and to your prospect, you aren't. So make sure that your design is up to snuff and is a match for the kind of prospects and the kind of clients that you wanna bring on.

The next dimension of trust is reliability, so can your actions be trusted? Are they consistent one day to the next? And, are they consistent with what you say that you'll do? And the way to address this with your marketing is not in what you put in your content but the way that you produce it. So if you are producing content consistently, day after day, week after week, month after month, then that is being reliable. So the prospect doesn't actually have to engage with you personally to know that you are a reliable company if you're doing stuff on a schedule and you're doing it consistently.

The third factor of trust is openness and as I've said in our other videos you want the client to know you not just know about you. And being open is how to achieve that. When a prospect knows the why and the how of what you do they're much more likely to trust in the results of what you're doing. So be frank about your process, be open about it, also have some character, have some fun, don't be stodgy, stodgy is boring, and you're gonna look like everybody else.

The fourth dimension of trust is selflessness. So obviously nobody wants to work with a selfish person so how do you actually demonstrate through your marketing that you're not selfish? I mean, isn't marketing about getting sales, about getting something? Well, not always. If you produce educational content and that means not including any kind of thinly-veiled sales pitch, just purely educational content that shows that you're giving and you're not just here to take.

So take a look at your marketing material, take a look at your website, and compare that to the four dimensions that we just went over. And if you need any help, feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call, happy to help you. And in the meantime, hit like, or subscribe, or follow, whatever buttons are around this video. For more videos on how you can build a better marketing machine for your consulting firm. Thanks.