It's no secret that the first place people go to check out your business, regardless of how they hear about you, is your website. Make sure your getting the most out of those visits.





Where's the first place that people go when they find out about your firm? The answer is obvious: it's your website. So today we're going to talk about four things that you can do to make sure that your website is optimized for lead generation. Hi, I'm John Durso, president of Crosshatch Creative and this is "Be Bold Be Smart" all about inbound marketing for consulting firms.

Prioritize Website Entry Points

When you're optimizing your website for lead generation the first thing you want to do is look at the landing pages on your website. That is the pages that people are most likely to enter your website through. That could be your homepage and likely that's one of them. That could also be blogs. Or maybe certain services pages that you've optimized for terms based around those services. Whatever the case is, you want to look at each one of those pages and make sure that there is a call to action on them. So someone is entering your site, you don't just want them to be on that one page. You want them to go further and discover more about your company. So make sure there's a call to action. Whether that to check out another service, whether that to download some sort of white paper or ebook resource or even just to view some case studies on your site as well.

Collect Visitor Information

Number two is list building. Make sure that your website is set up to actually collect email addresses. This is really important because it takes on average coming to visit your website seven to ten times before they actually reach out. If you don't have a reason or they don't have a reason to come back to your website, then you've lost them. Email is a great way to keep presenting valuable content to your users and subscribers and to have them come back to seven to ten times so that the trust you and they're actually gonna reach out to ask about your services.

Proof of Results

Number three: you want to make sure that you have very compelling case studies on your website, along with testimonials. This is one of the only ways that visitors who are actually considering your services can really tell what you might do for them. That's by looking at what you've actually done before. The reason this is, is because it's very easy for you to say "we're different" or  "we get results" or" we do this" "we do that" and talk all about yourself. And that's not really going to connect with the user because words are cheap. But when you say "hey we've actually done this" "we've actually gotten these results" that is very powerful and should definitely be one of the centerpieces of your website.

High Quality Design

Number four: last but definitely not least is your overall branding and design. It really matters, i don't care what you're doing, what kind of service you’re offering. When you look professional and you look like you actually put some time and effort into your website, into your brand, that is going to make a huge difference in what kind of clients are reaching out to you. What kind of investment, money that they're willing to pay for what you offer. Perception is reality in this case and design determine the perception of your company.

That's all we have in the video today. If you want more we have an e-book of 30 tips, tricks and ideas all about how to generate leads via your website. If you want more lead from the same amount of traffic that you're getting today, go ahead and download that. And also if you just want more tips we have a this video series come out every week. So go ahead and subscribe to our blog or subscribe to our YouTube channel and you'll see it every week here on "Be Bold Be Smart" all about inbound marketing for consulting firms.