The question is not if your ideal clients are searching for you online - it's why they are searching. What are they looking to find? Knowing the answer to that question will determine the success of your online marketing.



Have you ever said, or have your boss say, "our clients don't search on Google. Well if so and if you like being wrong, this video's for you. Hi I'm John Durso, president of Crosshatch Creative and this is Be Bold Be Smart all about content marketing for consulting firms.

Searching Online: Not “If” but “How”

So as I implied, people do search for your services on Google and other search engines. It doesn't matter what they are, there are searches happening for them. And we can look at Google Trends and see that is indeed the case. The real question is, "Why are they searching and what are they trying to find?" and that's what we're going to go through today because that's really going to help you be much more effective in your marketing.

Prospects Google for Services (not Providers)

One typical way or reason that searches run is because they know that they needed a particular service or product, but they don't really know any companies that do that or know them well enough to just go with them without doing research. And so naturally they turn to Google. They run a search and they start their evaluation at that point. And they may do that even as they are also asking friends and other contacts for recommendations on that service. They're likely going to do those in parallel and compare what they get. So if you want to be in the running at all, you want to be on Google.

Prospects Google Your Name

Another scenario in which they might Google your firm is that they've heard of you offline and they want to learn more about you. So they're  going to go to Google. They type in your firm's name and see what pops up. In this case ,depending on what you're doing in digital marketing, it could just be just your website and that's it. Or it could be content that you put out on social media, articles that you've written, rating in Google or Facebook, Yelp, whatever. So that's hopefully five-star reviews and other things that people are saying about you. All of this could add to the impact that search has versus simply have in your website show up.

Prospects Google their Pain

And the third and final way that potential clients use Google to find solutions is when they've just become aware that they actually have a problem. So they don't know what the solution is yet but they know they have a problem. They know they have a pain and they want to solve that. So what they're going to do is search for more information about that and that's where if you are putting out content that help educate and help your clients solve their problem, or at least evaluate solutions, then that is very powerful, because you're getting to them at the very start of their buyer journey.

And, you can help educate and direct as a trusted advisor through your content, through your website and what you're putting out online. And that's going to lead to a much more likely sale than coming in at the very end of the process.

So in summary, your clients are out there searching online for your services, and information about your services and it is critical that you are there when they're searching if you want to generate leads from that traffic.